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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Q 1 What are the features of Master Mind Software ?
Ans: Master Mind Software offers animated interactive video lessons, covering the school syllabus of CBSE and most of the State Boards.

Study sessions are designed to help students in learning the entire syllabus, in an easy way.
Self assessment sessions help in preparing for the exams and score better marks. The features of our software are:

a. Animated Video Lessons:
Our Videos are designed to address all possible questions that arise in a student’s
mind during the course of lectures, which he/she often hesitates to ask. These
are raised by the animated character (Student) and explained in  the simplest way by the
expert professor.
b. Tests:
These are designed to help students’ recheck their level of learning and
understanding. These help in identifying and rectifying the areas of improvement. Reference
questions and solutions are also available to pinpoint errors and do instant correction.
c. NCERT Solutions:
These solutions allow students to take help in their homework assignments,
in case they get stuck up at odd hours and cannot get the help of their teacher.
This adds to the confidence of students in their actual class room.
d. Question Bank:
Set of online questions with solutions are available to help you practice to perfection to perfection.
It has been designed to match the school syllabus.
 e. Sample Papers:
Set of questions designed according to the pattern of exams to facilitate proper preparations.
 f. Revision Notes:
The revision notes give you an overview of the important topics covered in the chapter and summarizes it.
This lets students go through and revise the chapter in a short time. This is mostly beneficial while preparing for examinations.
Q 2 Which boards are covered by Master Mind Software ?
Ans: The videos of Master Mind are designed topic wise (chapter wise), raising and answering all possible questions. Since the language of Mathematics does not change with change of board,
Master Mind Online Study videos are suitable for students of all boards across the globe.
Q 3 What are the advantages of Master Mind Software ?
Ans: Once the course contents are moved on your computer, you would get access to all the features of the software, without internet connection.

The software would work as a stand-alone application when offline but it would automatically download the necessary updates whenever you connect to the internet.
Q 4 What is Dashboard ?
Ans: Dashboard is a user-friendly feature that allows you to view the How to get start video, Chapters, Subscriptions details, Chapters Coverage, Tests, Reports and Study Techniques. You can choose to view the features of your choice.
Q 5 How much time will I need to spend on Master Mind software ?
Ans: Master Mind gives you the liberty to choose the duration of the study. It will all depend upon the content you decide to study in a particular sitting.
Q 6 Where do I check my profile ?
Ans: You can get the details of your profile and account in “Subscription Details” tab.
Q 1 What is Data Manager ?
Ans: The ‘Data Manager’ will give information about existing files on your system. The files missing can be moved from Master Mind DVD, chapter-wise by clicking on 'Click here to move data'. You can also see status of if each chapter is moved 100% or not.
Q 2 How do I move data from DVD ?
Ans: Go to ‘Data Manager’ on the dashboard, you can see list of chapters. Click on 'Click here to move data' in order to download any topic/chapter. Once the data is moved 100%, the link on move data will disappear.
Q 3 Why do i need to move data from DVD ?
Ans: Moving the data from the internet is necessary to ensure access to facilities like Video Lessons, NCERT solutions, self notes, Tests and Question bank.
Q 4 Do I have to move data every time ?
Ans: No, you don’t have to move data every time. You have to move data only once for all the topics/chapters completely (100%).
Q 5 How long does it take to move data form DVD?
Ans: It will depend upon size of the file and the speed of the processor in your system. The average time for moving data of a chapter will be around 5 to 7 minutes.
Q 6 What is the reason for delay and failure while you move data ?
Ans: Generally it does not happen, but if it does happen, it could be due to a corrupt DVD. For help, call on support number.
Q 7 Do i need administrator rights to move data ?
Ans: Yes, you will need the admin rights to move the data.
Q 1 How do I switch/shift from one subject to another ?
Ans: To shift from one subject to another, click on ‘Switch Subject’ button.
Q 2 Where will I find the ‘Switch Subject’ button ?
Ans: The ‘Switch Subject’ option is available on the bottom of left hand side tab. This option is available can be viewed in the end of the Navigation.
Q 3 What is ‘Switch Subject’ ?
Ans: On the left hand side navigation, ‘Switch Subject’ feature allows you to change the subject of study. By clicking on ‘Switch Subject’, you can see the directory once again and can choose any subject and view or read the contents/lessons of that particular subject.
Q 4 How to use ‘Switch Subject’ ?
Ans: You can directly click on the ‘Switch Subject’ button on the left side and then select a subject which you want to study from the directory. You will automatically land on the contents of the chosen subject.
For example, if you are presently studying mathematics, you can click ‘Switch Subject’ and select Science. You will now be able to see the chapters/topics of Science (as per the level of study) on your screen.
Q 1 I am unable to access certain application in the software ?
Ans: Please ensure the data is downloaded 100% for the particular application. If not then please download it first from DVD.
Q 2 I am getting a message that 'can not play Video' or 'can not open PDF' ?
Ans: Reload the Mastermind DVD, right click, then open, select the required software to install.
Q 3 If i call customer care what details do i have to share ?
Ans: You will have to inform the details mentioned in your profile, that you can access from 'subscription detail'.
Q 4 How can i optimize the performance of my Mastermind Applicaion ?
Ans: Initially you should ensure that your system meets the minimum specified requirements to run Mastermind application. Need be upgrade your system. However, you should take following precautions All other CPU-intensive applications (like torrents, download managers, video players, games etc) should be closed before you start Mastermind application. Please restart Mastermind application if it is running slow.
Q 1 Does the software cover all the chapters in my syllabus ?
Ans: Yes, you will find all the chapters in your syllabus on this software.
Q 2 How much time is dedicated to each chapter ?
Ans: The time will vary from chapter to chapter, depending upon the size and contents in it.
Q 3 Do I have access to all the chapters ?
Ans: If you have the correct key and have moved data completely (100%), you will be able to access to all the chapters and facilities.
Q 4 Can I pick and select the chapters of my choice ?
Ans: Yes, you can select the Chapters of your choice from the left hand side Navigation.
Q 5 How do I move to the next video ?
Ans: Each lesson has a play control. Just click the next arrow button to move to the next video. You can directly go to any video from the navigation on the right side.
Q 1 What is self note facility ?
Ans: This is a facility that allows you to prepare chapter wise notes in your own language for the points you feel are important, while viewing the video. You can later use these short notes for revision.
Q 2 How can I search for these notes when I need to refer them ?
Ans: The notes are easy to locate as they get saved by default at the end of every chapter in self note segment.
Q 3 What is the difference between self notes on a notebook and a computer system ?
Ans: You can prepare notes on the system if you are comfortable and friendly with computers. It has all facilities of MS-Word format. If you are not comfortable making notes on the system, you can do the same on a notebook.
Q 1 What are tests ?
Ans: These are set of questions designed to help you do a self assessment of your understanding and learning.
Q 2 How many tests can i take ?
Ans: There is no limit to taking tests. You may take these tests as many times as you please.
Q 3 Do they covers all chapters ?
Ans: Yes, there are question sets for every chapter.
Q 4 What kind of reports is generated after a test?
Ans: The reports generated will reflect the marks scored by you. It will also give you the percentile status. You will also be able to see what kind of errors is committed by you. This helps you work on the areas where there is a need for improvement.
Q 5 Should one take topic (chapter) wise test, what are the benefits ?
Ans: It is advisable to take topic (chapter) wise test for better understanding and evaluation of your proficiency regarding the concept of a particular chapter.
Q 6 How do i view the results after taking test ?
Ans: You can view the results immediately after taking any Practice Test by clicking on the 'View Report’ button.
Q 7 How my performance is calculated ?
Ans: Master Mind uses scientific methods of creating test papers, which are designed to ensure coverage of the entire chapter and their concepts.
Thus, what you score is an accurate evaluation of your level of understanding.
Q 1 What are reports ?
Ans: Reports give you information about the course covered and performance in the test.
Q 2 What kind of reports is generated ?
Ans: There are three kind of reports generated. The first gives details on the course covered, the second is about your progress in tests and the third is about your overall performance
Q 3 What are the benefits of these reports ?
Ans: These reports help you identify the areas that require improvement and thus help you improve your overall performance.
Q 4 How is my performance calculated ?
Ans: Master Mind uses an advanced method to calculate performance. Each test is designed with specific questions that are based on comprehension, knowledge and application. This helps us calculate your overall performance accurately
Q 1 In case of any problem who do i contact and how ?
Ans: If you face any problem please contact Master Mind by sending an e-mail at or call us at 8109055112.
Q 2 How can i give a feedback about the Master Mind System ?
Ans: You can mail at with your feedback and suggestions.
Q 3 Where do i get more information about your company ?
Ans: You can get information from other resources tab on dashboard.
Q 1 What are ‘Revision Notes’
Ans: These are the short notes available at the end of each chapter. This lets students revise the essential elements of the chapter.
Q 2 Where will I find the ‘Revision Notes’ ?
Ans: The ‘Revision Notes’ tab is available just above the Video lessons. You can refer to these notes by clicking on the ‘Revision Notes’ button , and a pop-up window for the same will open on your screen.
Q 3 What is the use of ‘Revision Notes’ ?
Ans: The ‘Revision Notes’ can be referred during exams as it is a good source of revising all the chapters in a short span of time, without missing the important topics of study. By reading these notes, the student can get a complete insight of the chapter.

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